Thursday, December 26, 2013

Night Safari 2013 - Unmystical

somehow, we ended up spending silent night at Night Safari. =P

maybe we are subconsciously getting ready for all the family friendly places we are going to have to go in the future.

and we were well-prepared! cos we went to buy mosquito repellant patches! except we probably shouldn't have bought the house-brand cos almost half of it won't stick to our clothes.

it was quite dark (duh) so which makes photography quite challenging, hence whenever there are lights, we made the most of it

went on the tram ride, which was boring. i almost fell asleep.
the show was better, and this bear thing with a big tail was crawling directly over my head!

on the walking trail, we managed to see a lot more animals, most of which i had never seen before, or even heard of.

this is a mousedeer(i think). cos it looks like a deer, but it's as small as a mouse.
i imagine a mouse and a deer decided to do it 1 day and gave birth to this! =)

this next thing is sooooo cute. we were walking past it and it just crawled onto the branch closest to the glass and started acting cute.

it is damn tiny, smaller than the size of my palm.
i call it an ant polar bear. cos it looks like a polar bear, but it is tiny like an ant.

there was this Mystica event going on, except it wasn't on the night we were there. only Fridays and Saturdays. which is probably why there wasn't a lot of people there, so that's just as well.

they did leave a photo booth open with props though. not quite sure how it is supposed to work, but pretty sure we are doing it wrong.

in my defence, someone said that it is a wine glass, and that black part is a straw.
but on hindsight, it looks more like a bottle of champagne, cos no one drinks wine using a straw.

as my christmas present to you, i shall end this with a nicer photo of 2 pretty girls. =)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(all other photos from this set can be found on my flickr)

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